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I am a middle school teacher.  I run the four computer labs at our school.  We specialize in remediation in math and language arts.  As such, it is difficult to know if we are integrating technology into those subjects or integrating those subjects into technology.

Before becoming an educator, I worked in many aspects of the business world over nearly 25 years.  I have been in production and production management as well as sales and marketing.  I bring a very strong business background to the classroom and the administration aspects of education.

In addition, I spent five years overseas working with the men and women of our armed forces and their families as a Christian Servicemen’s Center director in Scotland (Navy) and England (Air Force).

I am a STAR Discovery Educator Network member and serve as the blog coordinator for the Tennessee DEN Leadership Council.

But most importantly (to me anyway), I am the proud father of three daughters and, currently, the grandfather of three terrific grandchildren.

  1. jeff Childers Said,


    I check out your website every now and then. Just nosy I guess, but it assures me that you are alive and well.

    I just want to let you know I enjoy reading your blog even though we definitely dwell in diverse universes. I don’t think I would survive in yours. HA!

    I met a guy from So.Carolina yesterday and it caused me to think about your Dad. Strange, huh?

    Anyways, all is well with us. Hope the same is true for you. Keep up your good work among the youth of Tennessee.

    I love you cousin (2nd, that is),

  2. Tim Childers Said,

    I was searching my name and found I (you) have aa web site by my name. Nice to know my name is in the public eye:)

    Tim Childers