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She Said Yes To Him AND The Dress!

Posted by Tim under Personal

On Saturday, Chase Clark was finally able to officially propose to my daughter, Sarah. I say finally not because he was hesitant, or because there was some strange thing stopping him in the back of his mind. No. I think he’s known for a long time he was going to come to this moment. And Sarah knew what her answer would be long ago.

Chase simply wanted to propose to her in front of their families. It was a special moment that he wanted to share with those who love both them beyond measure. And…he wanted it to be a surprise.

You can see the result of our hard work in the blog post submitted by our photographer, Stephanie Richer. You can read that here.  Go ahead. Take a moment and look it over. Then come back and finish up here.

We started working on this a few weeks ago. Chase let Sarah’s mom and I know he was bringing her to Chattanooga from Florida for Easter. It was a time for both of them meet each other’s extended families and for those families to meet one another as well.

And as with a lot of things with Sarah, we hit a several road blocks along the way.

First of all, her mother (Lisa) and I enlisted the help of my other two daughters to pull this off. Alycce and Brittany went into full stealth mode to come up with a plan.

Sarah’s Saturday was to be spent looking at wedding dresses, then she and Chase would meet Lisa and I for dinner at a nice restaurant later that evening. Pretty simple plan, right?

Her sisters concocted a plan to meet for breakfast before the 10:30 dress appointment. Sarah was given specific instructions: be at your mom’s ready to eat breakfast and get your hair and makeup done absolutely no later than 8:30. That would give Brittany about 90 minutes to do makeup and try out a hair design, ostensibly as practice for the wedding. In fact, it was to make sure Sarah looked as good as possible for the pictures she didn’t know she would be in.

Sarah arrived at 8:30 on the dot. Then she proceeded to take a shower. And then she had to dry her hair. And then she wanted to eat before they got started rather than eating while everything was in process. As a result, Brittany had just under an hour to do makeup and hair for an engagement photo session. Did I mention that Sarah wanted a braid style Brittany had never attempted before? So there was some quick Pinterest searches for tutorials thrown in as well.

But we made it, and we were only about 5 minutes late for the dress shop. I can’t tell you about the dress except to say that Sarah found one that literally made her eyes sparkle with excitement. It was like a magical moment for all of us.

Sarah had a hard deadline to be back with Chase of around 2:30. So we had time to go out to lunch. It was at lunch that we found out Sarah had not packed any nice clothes. All she brought were sweatpants and t-shirts. And that wasn’t going to cut it for engagement pictures. We all reminded her that we were “going to a really nice restaurant” for dinner, so she agreed to buy something. And that made her late back to Chase (get used to it big guy!).

Then… out of the blue Sarah decides she needs to go back to her mother’s house to get some things just about the time Lisa was trying to bring things into the house for a family reception she was hosting for after the event. Lisa left until they were gone, but Sarah decided to take forever! While they were there, Lisa’s friend, Kristine, showed up early to help her out. She rang the doorbell, and heard a man’s voice inside, but no one would answer the door. She called Lisa to see if she was home, and Lisa told her to get out of there fast. Kristine said she would just tell them she stopped by to go to dinner with Lisa, and Lisa said, “No! They are going to dinner with me!” So they both hung out at Walmart for a while.

It seemed like everything would fall apart several times throughout the day. But they didn’t. Like Sarah said at lunch, things just have a way of always turning out for her. And, as I reminded her, the way things always turn out is that everyone around her runs around trying to pick up the pieces!

But it was worth it. We had most of the families tucked away at the Hunter Museum of Art. A few less mobile individuals were stashed at the Ice Cream Show at the foot of Walnut Street Bridge. Once Sarah and Chase passed that location, I texted those stationed at the museum to start down toward the bridge.

You’ve already read how Stephanie got them to pose for some pictures (you DID read it, right?), so I won’t repeat those details. But after she said yes, the crowd of family behind her started yelling and cheering. Sarah turned around and seemed genuinely surprised that a total group of strangers was watching them. And then, like a light bulb turned on, you could see in her face that she started recognizing people.

And that moment was worth all the planning. All the hassles. All the “we almost didn’t make its.” And we’re so thankful that Stephanie did such a great job capturing the moment.

Now if we can all just survive the wedding planning…

  1. Pat Hensley Said,

    What a wonderful story! Love how the photo shoot turned out too! Congratulations to your family. Seems like you like your new son-in-law to be so that is a good thing! LOL

  2. Tim Said,

    Yeah, I think he’s gonna be ok. LOL Seems like a great guy!

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