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Live to See

Posted by Tim under Personal

It is always interesting to me how two people can witness the same events and come away with totally different stories about what happened. Watching the same movie. Watching the same TV show. Watching the same presidential speech. Reading the same book. Reading the same news article. Reading the same Tweets.

It all comes down to the lens through which we view the world. And that lens changes over time. And no two lenses are the same.

I was raised in the North by Southern parents. That’s a lens. I was raised in a fairly conservative Pentecostal tradition. Movies were bad. Drinking was bad. Smoking was bad. At one time chewing gum was bad. That’s a lens. I went to an all-white elementary school.  That’s a lens. I attended our church college. That’s a lens. I was married with a child at 19. A college drop-out. That’s a lens. I’ve lived in Indiana, Illinois, South Carolina, Arkansas, Tennessee, Florida, Scotland, and England. Those are all lenses that impact the way I view the world.

I was once the Christian Education Director for both the Protestant and Catholic chapels at RAF Mildenhall in England. Definitely a lens! I’ve been married twice and divorced twice. Lenses. I have three daughters and zero sons. Each one changes the focus of my lens a bit. I came into education at age 42. A lens.

You get the idea. You’ve got your own unique life experiences that give you a particular lens through which you see the world. Some lenses are empathetic. Some are hostile. Some fearful. Some bold. Some conservative. Some liberal. Some gay. Some straight. Some religious. Some not so much so.

So, when you read things on social media, or watch things in the news, or read the papers, understand that no one has exactly the same take on that information that you do. It does us no good to lash out at people who see things differently from us. It does no good to call people names, or threaten, or refuse to listen.

Each encounter we have that is different from our own worldview helps us focus our lens a little better. A little differently. Refusing to allow others to impact us leads to the macular degeneration of our worldview. It becomes myopic. Covered in cataracts. And soon, we are blind.

Live to see.


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